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Our Fashions ...

While we carry a number of lines, SWISH is proud to design and manufacture its own line of clothing right here in Canada. Our full line of fashions are available at our two store locations in Gibsons and Castlegar BC and can be ordered by email or phone - just contact us to get the ball rolling. Selected items from our lines are also available at a number of stores across Canada. If your favourite store doesn't carry Swish ask them to contact Ron at Ron's Email

We believe that your clothes and accessories should be versatile and timeless. You will see that each year our colour palette complements the previous year's colours so you can mix and match as you build your wardrobe a little at a time. To appreciate how versatile many items can be just have a look at our How to Wear It Videos. You may think you bought just a scarf or just a poncho ... but you will be surprised how many ways those can be used to achieve the look you want.

Maybe you already have a good foundation for your wardrobe and just need a few things to set it off. If you want to bring what you already have with you we are happy to work with you to build on what you already have. We do ask that you make an appointment so we can have you in when we are not swamped with customers so we can give you all the time you need.

At SWISH we measure our success two ways:

Did you have fun with us in our store ?

Do you feel terrific in your clothes ?

We hope you'll be saying YES every time!