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How to Care For Your Wardrobe ...

Your clothes have three main enemies: heat, friction and stains. Some fabrics are more resilient than others, but in general you want to be gentle when washing to avoid pilling, shrinkage, loss of shape and discoloration.

Heat: Most of our fabrics contain spandex. Spandex is an elastic product and dries out with heat so we recommend you avoid using your dryer and dry your garment flat. Also we suggest you avoid hanging to dry as the weight of the water in your garment will pull at the shoulder and distort the fabric leaving you 'points' at the shoulder seam from the hanger.

Friction: Pilling happens when a fabric that's made up of a short fiber or a fragile fiber breaks and balls up. This is just another reason why you should avoid your dryer.

Shrinkage: again NO HEAT!! Do you see a theme here? Wash in cold and dry flat!! You can't control the temperature of your laundry system, how warm is warm? If your washer has eaten a sock and isn't draining or spinning well your clothes will go into the dryer wetter than usual and will take longer to dry, conversely if your washer is spinning efficiently your clothes will go into the dryer with less moisture and therefore will need less time. These are factors you can't control. The easiest way to be sure your clothes will be treated with the best, most consistent care is to wash cold and dry flat.

If you are not sure how best to care for any of our fashions just contact us and we'll answer any questions you may have.